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Revelations is a book about women who have overcome adversity and limitation. It is their journey to come to a fuller knowing of who they are; what they are capable of.

We are making it available to you Totally FREE. We want to show you the possibility of a transformed life by sharing the intimately personal stories by these women on their journey. Their own right of passage.

These women, Caitlin, Emily, Katt, Sue, Ann and Traci, openly and honestly reveal themselves in their stories of transformation. It is uplifting and inspiring. Their hope and purpose is that you might find one of their stories to be a mirror to yours. They tell you where they started, what they struggled with and then how it all changed. For some the story travels over decades.

Each invites you in, to walk with her in her private journey of transformation. You will find insights here, perhaps solutions for questions you have not asked yet.

This Totally FREE book shows women rising beyond themselves, reveals how they did that and why it is important for them to share it with you.

Inner Spirit LogoAbout the Author

Mark Laurie is a specialist in photographing women in a way that empowers, creates self-confidence and helps redefine a woman’s view of herself. He has received four International Photographer of the Year awards, has over 35 accredited disciplines in photography and over 36 years as a photographer.

Mark has also earned a Master Photographer degree, has published six books on photography, a book of poetry and empowerment story books. He is based in Calgary, Canada and photographs, speaks and writes internationally.

Mark is also the only photographer to hold a Photography Fellowship degree on two continents.

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